Job Summary

Key member of engine application team responsible for design and support of Diesel and spark ignited engine packages for the Company’s OEM customers. Responsible for conducting field evaluations of applications in use, and sales support of engine applications. Works with sales team to develop specifications for customer’s needs.  Works with Production Management team in monitoring engine packaging operations, including quality, build and material processes. The position supports AIE’s area of responsibility from the Omaha location and will require travel to surrounding states on average of 4 to 6 nights per month.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Communicates directly with the Company’s OEM customers in response to certain technical and engineering issues concerning current and prospective engine business.
  2. Timely reporting of projects using Microsoft Excel, Word, and some propriety AIE software. Maintains engineering documentation.
  3. Designs brackets and steel components using SolidWorks CAD software.
  4. Develops bill of materials
  5. Conduct special Specification protocols as required by the company’s engine manufacturers in the cases where OEM customers require modified products.
  6. Conducts engine application reviews at OEM customer locations and completes all required manufacturer and governmental compliance documentation associated with such reviews, ensuring proper reporting and filing. Maintains engine application review data infrastructure.
  7. Analyze failures and address root causes

Position Type: Full Time / Exempt


Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. Competent in the use of CAD software such as SolidWorks for sheet metal and weldments.  Knowledge of US EPA and CARB emissions requirements for compression and spark-ignited engines is a plus.

Industrial Engines: In-depth understanding of CI engine after-treatment systems from all worldwide engine manufacturers, including DOC, DPF, NOx reduction technologies.  Strong knowledge of electronics, 12V DC systems, SAE J1939 protocol, wiring, actuators and sensors. Prior experience with major engine manufacturer’s service tools, engine teardown, inspection, and assembly is a plus.

Data Acquisition:  Possess experience in vibration, temperature and pressure measurements of fluids and engine components.  Will work with thermocouples, accelerometers, and analog tools to measure and record performance, and diagnose and solve problems.

Customer & Vendor Relations: Manage customer and vendor relationships and a good understanding of distribution’s role in the supply chain.

Computer Knowledge: Highly literate in Windows / MS Office environment. Skillful in using web–based search engines and tools to research and locate information.

Time Management, Teamwork, and Communications: Proficient at task organization, scheduling, and follow-up. Ability to document and plan multiple series of tasks into a project plan and to track, communicate about and execute in a timely, effective manner.

Contact:  Cody Mahrt, Design Engineering Manager, Omaha, NE

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