There are over 3 million Kubota engines out in the field in hundreds of different applications. This means parts and service opportunities for you as an authorized Kubota engine dealer. As the population continues to grow Kubota wants to make sure that our dealer network is prepared to provide parts and service to any Kubota engine. Emission regulations have made diesel engines cleaner for the environment but the technology has changed making them more complex to troubleshoot and troublesome to service.

The days of using just a few tools are long gone. As an authorized Kubota engine dealer we will make sure that you have all of the required tools and the proper training to service Kubota’s Tier 4 final engines. Kubota wants to make sure that you are armed with all of the proper knowledge and tools to make your business successful.

Kubota Engine America offers three dealer types: full-service, specialized and trade partner. Each dealer type offers different benefits and authorization levels designed to integrate with your business model. For more information on these dealer types please refer to the Kubota Engine Dealer Brochure below.


AIE is equipped with an industry leading service staff to provide top quality training programs for our dealers. The Kubota service training program allows our dealers a full day of all access to our service team.


The engine is changing, and with it, so is the technology required to run them efficiently. Authorized Kubota Dealers are always up to date on the latest engine Emissions training and guidance.


Our parts and service staff are the best trained and most experienced in our industry. We have recruited a knowledgeable team of technicians to give Dealers the best advice about products and support.
Working with the AIE team has been absolutely outstanding; this team is the most responsive and outgoing powertrain team that I have worked with during my tenure at Snorkel.
AIE made sure we received the same excellent level of support we were getting from their predecessor and then went out of their way to figure out what else they could do to help us improve sales and customer support to help our customers.
Leonard's Diesel Repair
No better service anywhere. Prompt answers to questions and everyone is ready and willing to help.
Denver Concrete Vibrator


Our Dealer Team will reach out to any inquiry on becoming an Authorized Kubota Dealer!