EMS Pro Control Panel

Posted on September 06, 2011

The EMS Pro is a flexible all-in-one control panel designed to meet the needs of engine-driven pumping equipment applications. The EMS Pro has selectable auto start/stop features with several throttling options, all field adjustable without the need for a computer.

AIE is now offering the EMS Pro as an optional control solution for all Ford power units. The primary advantage to AIE customers using Ford power units in irrigation applications will be the ability to start/stop and throttle the engine based on system pressure. For systems with multiple pump stages or systems with variable pumping loads (such as end guns, towers that are turned off or on during the pivot rotation, etc) the EMS Pro will monitor the system pressure and adjust the engine speed to maintain a predetermined pressure set point.

The EMS Pro also offers a digital readout of engine hours, system pressure, engine temperature and many other parameters. For advanced systems, the EMS Pro supports a full range of communication protocols including RS485, RS232, and J1939 CAN communications.

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