In today’s market engines are not just installed, they are integrated. Our engineering staff are experts on integration of our engines into all types of equipment. We can assist with matching an engine to your application through duty cycle analysis, providing 3D models for complete assemblies, electrical harnessing and controls integration, and stress analysis for mounting components.


AIE offers a full range of design services, from brackets and hoses to complete custom packages. Our goal is to make sure we can offer the right engine in the right configuration that fits with your manufacturing process. Where off the shelf components are not available or will not fit, AIE is capable of designing almost anything you need to accompany the engine for your application.


The success of modern engines depends on a solid foundation of design but must be backed up with rigorous testing. Our engineering team partners with our manufacturing customers in order to thoroughly evaluate and test vibration, cooling packages, intake systems, exhaust systems, electrical systems, vibration isolation, cold start, and more.

Using the newest technology, our team of engineers test to high standards to make your product work for the application needed
Engineers have cutting edge hardware that allows us to test at rigorous standards

Over 60 Years of Experience

Our engineering team is qualified to provide you top tier product support and knowledge.

Certified and trained to rigorous standards, the team can assist in various testing, diagnosing, and planning for any engine application.