In today's ever-changing world, engines need to undergo a detailed integration process rather than simple installation. AIE's engineering team is comprised of experts in integrating engines into various types of equipment that will make this process straightforward and efficient. AIE's engineering services encompass a comprehensive array of support, application validation, vibration testing, heat test, duty cycle analysis, 3D CAD services, and electrical and controls integration. All standard products are rigorously tested and proven in-house so OEM's know they are getting a new power system that works, and works well.


AIE provides an extensive array of design services encompassing everything from brackets and hoses to fully customized engine packages. When off-the-shelf components prove unavailable or insufficient, AIE possesses the capability to design virtually any necessary components to complement the engine for the client's specific application.


The success of modern engines hinges on a robust foundation of design, but also must be substantiated through meticulous testing. The engineering team closely works with its suppliers to conduct comprehensive array of testing of critical engine systems. These evaluations encompass vibration, cooling, intake, exhaust, electrical, and controls systems, cold start functionality, and various other critical aspects.


AIE boasts a specialized team of dedicated technicians who are skilled in assembling AIE's extensive range of products, ranging from "add-on" components on bare engines to assembling fully enclosed power units or gensets with the G-Series, P-Series, and SQ-Series offerings. Every unit undergoes rigorous end-of-line testing and meticulous preparation to ensure seamless integration from the moment of delivery.