Kubota WG Spark Ignited Engines 3060-2308

Kubota WG Spark Ignited Engines Level 300

Course Description:
The WG Spark Ignited Engine course focuses on Kubota’s SI engine models. Emphasis will be placed on multi‐fuel system components and their operation, including liquid propane and gasoline fuel systems. Electrical diagnosis is a major focus of this course, in addition to KGST function and utilization. Students will be challenged with an abundant amount of real‐ world hands‐on activities.

Activities include:

  1. Discuss WG spark ignited engine components
    and operation
  2. Diagnosing and replacing faulty engine
  3. Electrical component testing
  4. Fuel system components and operation
  5. O2 sensor operation
  6. Catalyst operation
  7. Breakout box activities
  8. Kubota special service tool usage
  9. How to use Active Test and Utilities with the diagnostic interface
  10. Data monitoring and data graphing with the diagnostic interface
  11. DTC inspection procedures

It is required that all attendees complete the online prerequisite courses before attending this class. Each course will take approximately 20 min to complete.

  • 22010 ‐ WG Engine Overview
  • 22020 ‐ WG Mechanism
  • 22110 ‐ WG Sensors
  • 22120 ‐ WG Actuators
  • 22130 ‐ WG Components: Mechanical Parts
  • 22210 ‐ WG Parts Inspection: Common Parts
  • 22211 ‐ WG Parts Inspection: Actuators
  • 22220 ‐ WG Maintenance
  • 22310 ‐ WG System Control
  • 22410 ‐ WG Cause & Effect: System Action
  • 22510 ‐ WG Engine Diagnostic Tool Overview
  • 22520 ‐ EDIS Introduction
  • 22530 ‐ KGST

Special Instructions:

  • Students are required to bring their laptops for Pre and Post test, E-Com and KEP access loaded for functionality checks.
  • Breakfast and lunch included
  • Limited to 10 people

Any cancellation made before 7 days of the scheduled training class will not be charged a class fee. Cancellations made within 7 days of the scheduled class will not be eligible for a refund and will be charged the full fee of the class.