Kubota Electronic Diesel Engines Level 300 (Omaha, NE)

Kubota Electronic Diesel Engines Level 300

The level 300 Electronic Diesel Engines course is 2 days in length. This course is a requirement needed to obtain the skilled technician level and advance technician level in Electronic Diesel Engine. This course will discuss all the electrical system components of our Kubota engines and their operation. Emphasis will be placed on the DPF system, common rail and Diagmaster. Diagnosis will also be a major part of this course, with numerous hands-on activities. Trainees will receive 150 dollars towards a diagmaster when they complete a course!

Activities include:

  • Diagnosing and replacing faulty electrical components
  • Discussion on electrical components and operation
  • Electrical component testing
  • DEF tank thaw control process overview
  • Overview of the DPF regeneration
  • Breakout box activities
  • Finding and downloading the proper service manuals
  • Calibrating functions for common rail electrical components
  • How to use Active Test and Utilities in Diagmaster
  • Graphing, flagging and using triggers in Diagmaster
  • Kubota special service tool usage
  • DTC inspection procedures

It is required that all attendees complete the online prerequisite courses before attending this class. Each course will take approximately 20 min to complete.


21521 – Basic Use Part 1

21522 – Basic Use Part 2

21523 – Basic Use Part 3

Common Rail

21110 – CRS Mechanism

21120 – Components: Actuators

21121 – Components: Sensors

21122 – Components: Mechanical Parts

21130 – Parts Inspection

21131 – Maintenance & Repair

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

21210 – DOC

Selective Catalytic Reduction

21410 – SCR Process

21420 – SCR Components

21430 – SCR System Operation

Diesel Particulate Filter

21310 – DPF Mechanism

21320 – DPF Components

21330 – DPF Maintenance

21340 – DPF Regeneration Control

Special Instructions:

Students are required to bring their laptop to class with Diagmaster and K-iSS access loaded for a functionality check.


*Breakfast and lunch included *Limited to 8 people

Cost: $220 for both days