The G-Series generator sets provide rugged, industrial power generation in a flexible and configurable design. If your project has unique needs or lives in harsh environments, you need something built to meet those challenges. The G-Series can be configured and customized to meet unique load or motor starting requirements, provide remote monitoring and control, and give you the durability that off-the-shelf products can't.


  • Flexible Fuel Options
  • Multiple Control Panel Options
  • Monitoring of Voltage, Frequency, and Current
  • Optional Weather Enclosure¬†
  • Fuel Efficient Operation
  • Safety Shutdown for Temperatures, Pressure, and Emergency Stop
  • AC and DC Generators available
  • Remote Start Available
  • Auto-start ready
  • Main Generator Breaker Included



With a strong network of resellers, customers can choose from a variety of generators that suit their needs, while additionally receiving industry leading support. G-Series resellers excel in advanced, next-generation engine diagnosis and repair, having undergone the highest level of training available.
Working with the AIE team has been absolutely outstanding; this team is the most responsive and outgoing powertrain team that I have worked with during my tenure at Snorkel.
AIE made sure we received the same excellent level of support we were getting from their predecessor and then went out of their way to figure out what else they could do to help us improve sales and customer support to help our customers.
Leonard's Diesel Repair
No better service anywhere. Prompt answers to questions and everyone is ready and willing to help.
Denver Concrete Vibrator
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