• The customer brings their engine to the dealer for repair.

  • Dealer diagnoses and fixes the problem.

  • Dealer submits the warranty to AIE using the Honda Interactive Network (iN)

  • Honda reviews the claim and once approved they issue a credit to AIE

  • Once AIE receives credit for the warranty, it is passed along to the Dealer


  • When faced with a possible warranty situation, stop. CALL OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT PRIOR TO OFFERING ANY WARRANTY REPAIRS. (888) 737-8375
  • Explain the circumstances of the failure and other initial information about the equipment, i.e. model number, serial number, date of retail sale, customer name, nature of failure or concern, etc.
  • AIE service department will give you our initial impressions and may ask for additional data. They will also give you a case number at this time for your future reference.
  • If necessary, AIE service department personnel may ask our factory warranty department for their advice based on initial information offered by the dealer.
  • In a short time, the AIE service department will contact the dealer with our authorization for repairs. At that time the dealer will be advised on flat rate labor standards allowed by the factory, R&R time, mileage, travel time, etc., offered by the factory’s warranty policy guidelines.
  • It is important that the dealer knows he must either have GENUINE manufacturers service parts on his shelf, purchased by AIE or must now purchase the service parts necessary from the AIE parts department. “WILL FIT” parts are NOT ACCEPTABLE for warranty repairs on any engines or equipment.
  • If outside labor is necessary to complete the warranty repair, i.e. radiator repair, machine shop work, etc. The dealer must first make certain that those operations are fully authorized prior to and then be prepared to furnish receipts to cover those outside labor operations to be attached to the final claim form. OUTSIDE LABOR IS NOT OFFERED AND/OR REIMBURSABLE BY ALL FACTORY WARRANTY POLICIES.
  • When the warranty repairs are completed, the dealer must fill out an AIE warranty claim form in its entirety, including service parts used, necessary labor operations, outside labor paid invoices, etc. and send the form in via the Honda Interactive Network (iN).
  • If necessary, AIE personnel will call the dealer to clarify details.

AIE will file the warranty claim with the appropriate factory and payment of the dealer claim will follow shortly.