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Kubota Engine America is the world-leading manufacturer of compact, multi-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engines up to 306HP and generators. Kubota offers many Tier 4 Final / EU Stage V engine models.


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Kubota is the cutting edge manufacturer of compact diesel engines up to 306HP. Kubota also has a complete line of compact gasoline, LPG, and natural gas engines to meet the needs of all industrial, construction, agricultural and generator applications. Known for their rugged performance and a variety of options, the Kubota engine line has the granularity to fit your application.

Kubota’s focus on compact power, low noise, and low emissions has positioned them as the supplier of choice for many applications.


There are over 3 million Kubota engines out in the field in hundreds of different applications.  Emission regulations have made diesel engines cleaner for the environment, but the technology has changed making them more complex to troubleshoot and troublesome to service.

The days of using just a few tools are long gone. AIE's authorized Kubota engine dealers will make sure that you have minimum downtime, and piece of mind when purchasing and integrating Kubota into your lineup.