Designed, tested, and built at AIE. P-Series power units get you from concept to market quickly and with minimal design work. Power units are configurable with multiple enclosures, power take off options, and control configurations. Crafted with the customer in mind, P-Series power units can adapt to your needs with multiple engines and fuel types.


  • Sheet Metal Enclosure
  • Air Intake Precleaner Or Raincap
  • Hydraulic Pump Drives
  • SAE Flywheel And Housing
  • Pusher Or Suction Fan
  • Fuel Tank
  • Multiple Control Panel Options
  • Battery Box
  • Harness Extensions
  • Bearing Supported Stub Shaft
Working with the AIE team has been absolutely outstanding; this team is the most responsive and outgoing powertrain team that I have worked with during my tenure at Snorkel.
AIE made sure we received the same excellent level of support we were getting from their predecessor and then went out of their way to figure out what else they could do to help us improve sales and customer support to help our customers.
Leonard's Diesel Repair
No better service anywhere. Prompt answers to questions and everyone is ready and willing to help.
Denver Concrete Vibrator
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