To effectively serve the needs of our generator customers we have the engineering experience and personnel to interface engineering requirements of our customer.

We have invested in the latest 3D CAD modeling software, computers and engineering skills to provide our clients with design models to effectively apply our generators to a wide range of applications.

Our CAD resources enable us to arrive at engineering solutions before the generator is fitted for the application. Working with our CAD engineering resources will significantly reduce development and application times. We will also work with you to determine all the components required to correctly apply the generator we supply.

We also use our CAD resources to develop our own packages and accessories.

Built To Order

Applications engineering is a key area for AIE and one in which we have established a reputation, acknowledged by our peers, to be a bench mark standard for effectively applying generators that are built to our customer's specific needs.

Our engineering application team will ensure you not only select the right generator for the job, but you also will have it applied with the correct accessories and equipment for trouble free operation. Our application experience ensures your equipment will perform to its best and take optimal advantage of the generator to service your specific application.

We pride ourselves that a piece of equipment that has passed through our application department enhances the quality of the overall machine.